Team Members

Program Director: Lana Davies


I give credit to my parents who instilled in me a love for animals. I cried when my Dad had to remove a skunk from our yard..I wanted to keep it as pet. I begged for a pet a stuffed monkey for Christmas one year which was absolutely adorable but it wasn’t the same as a real one. Growing up..we had chickens, pigs, sheep, cats, dogs and ponies to tend to and I guess the joy outweighed the amount of work that they created for us growing up on a small acreage, because I have always wanted animals in my adulthood. Marrying someone who grew up milking cows and having pets himself as a child, we both wanted that for our children to experience and have just worked towards providing a home for cats, sheep, dogs, chickens, cows and horses. Horses have been one animal that I’ve always connected with and found an interest in as I have studied natural horsemanship techniques for close to 20 years of my life. The correlations between horses and humans is strikingly similar and yet, sometimes seems so natural that we would be so alike.

I’m a mother of 4, plus 1..I have 4 grandchildren and I have served on various different youth committees in the community..some of them have been mostly consisting of young women. This has helped me to see the challenges of our day and although I’m not a youth anymore (only in my heart and mind), this world is a difficult place to live, especially for girls and women with our unique spirit and beautiful role that we play in society. Unmet expectations and high standards and goals for ourselves can leave us feeling less than what we should feel about ourselves. Horses help us to feel better about ourselves because of their innate and natural ability to sense how we feel.

Mirroring these two together ..with my love for animals and my experience in helping youth and women feel valued, accepted, good enough and grateful for their admired gifts and talents.. is why I’m excited to be a part of something that is beneficial to all who decide to participate. Finding joy in this life and within ourselves, is so important and learning life lessons through the interaction with horses and like minded people is one way to find joy in our situation, whatever that may be.

Instructor / Art Coordinator: Lynda Hawkes


I have loved animals and the relationships I’ve had with them since I was a child. I loved kittens, puppies, cats, dogs, lambs, pigs, calves, chickens, ponies, and horses. One of my first paying jobs was a paper route. I saved money from that job to buy a pony. I loved her so much.

I haven’t had horses during my adult life, but still have those fond memories instilled in me. I love being around horses any chance I get and still hope to have one of my own again when I grow up.


I have raised eight children, and helped raise bonus children. I’m excited to be working with teen girls and women. I believe that arming girls and women with powerful life skills means that families will reap benefits in the future.


Embracing the principles in The Seven Habits books and applying them to horsemanship is a beautiful win-win.

Horse Instructor: Kayza Davies


Growing up I adored horses. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up with a family that could have one. I was the “lone wolf” of the family & the only one interested in horses. Luckily I was very persuasive & convinced my dad to put me in lessons. I started riding when I was 12, but had to save up my money to purchase my own horse. That happened when I was about 16! He was the horse that taught me my love for jumping. My current horse, Tommy boy & I have high hopes to be able to compete in cross country/eventing, possibly some rodeo events, and of course, lots of trail riding!

Instructor / Yoga Coordinator: Ellie Scherer

My love for horses has only recently grown. Growing up, the only time time that I had with horses was when visiting my grandma. I rode them occasionally but never thought anything of it. This last year, however, I was unexpectedly invited to take some trick riding lessons. Although I was super nervous, it was the best decision! I have become more confident around horses and have grown to admire them and the connection that you can share with them. I have much more to learn, but I’m grateful that I get to share the knowledge that I do have by being apart of Bridle Up Hope!

Instructor / Volunteer Coordinator: Sydney Hottel


I’ve always had such a strong love for animals and especially horses ever since I was a little girl. At 13 I started taking horseback riding lessons and I immediately fell in love with the joy and freedom riding provided for me. I spent every summer and weekend at a ranch in Payson, Utah where I was able to train and purchase my first horse and showed western pleasure for a few years. I was a counselor for the summer camps each year and loved being able to do lessons for the kids. I decided I wanted to do more and learn more about different styles of riding and that’s when I found Bridle Up Hope! I volunteered every week after school so I could earn a jumping lesson and fell in love with the environment, the program, and getting to know the girls. I was so thrilled when I found out the Pocatello location was opening up and I enjoy every minute I get to spend back at Bridle Up Hope.

Mental Health Consultant:

Janessa Cole M.A. LPCC


Janessa is a born and raised Idahoan, however she has resided in several western states throughout her adult life. She grew up on a farm-like property that hosted many animals including horses, cows, dogs, cats, and sheep. She is a life-long lover of animals and an accomplished people helper.


Janessa earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Weber State in Sociology. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.


Her experience in the mental health field includes working as an employment specialist for people with disabilities, where she supported adult individuals in finding and maintaining employment. She has also held many roles in several non-profit organizations that address poverty, domestic violence, addiction, and homelessness.


Currently Janessa is working in private practice where she sees a variety of populations, however, female adolescents are the majority. She is trained to treat anxiety, depression, suicidality, PTSD, and panic disorders.