Is the newest member of our herd. His unique color is considered a sooty or ‘dirty’ buckskin. He’s friendly to people and he’s got a gentle disposition. He seems to be settling into his new home and we look forward to getting to know him and gaining a relationship with him that will last forever. He can be used for joining up, riding, and TLC.


Goldie’s registered name is Skip N Magic. She was born on March 26, 2008, which makes her current age 14. She’s an American Quarter Horse. She came to me 5 years ago with a couple of nicknames. One being Mellow Yellow and the other being Magic. I didn’t love either one, but I was tossing around some ideas with my daughter and we both liked Goldie, after all, she IS a mare and she’s gold so, her barn name is Marigold..but Goldie for short.

She is the only girl horse of the bunch so she has to hold her own when she’s in a pen or pasture with the boys.

She came from Arizona, sight unseen from an online video. I bought her and had her shipped here in April. It was still really cold here especially coming from AZ. So I stalled her for a few days until the snow melted from a recent storm.

The funny story about her is that shortly after she got here, she got out somehow..she is Magic according to her name previous so maybe she undid the gate and walked out..who knows! But she wandered around the yard and was probably familiarizing herself with her new home. She walked on top of a blue tarp (which is weird because horses are supposedly fearful when it comes to certain being blue) that was covering the pool. I’m not sure how but I heard a big splash and looked out the window to see her in the pool. She had made her way onto the pool cover and it didn’t hold her weight so she fell through the cover and into the pool. Yes..she was fine! I cut the cover all the way to the steps so that she could walk up the steps and out of the pool. That was her first memorable experience at her new home. I like to think she was just hot and wanted to take a dip to cool off. No other horse has actually done that and it’s kind of funny to think about the other horses…were they interested in warning her about it or were they just laughing and calling her a Newbie. Maybe they didn’t want to warn her to see if she passed the test to be welcomed to the club.

She is the horse that I ride and after I lost Star, my favorite horse of all time, who I had taken through the Parelli program. Goldie was who I purchased to fill her she has been to clinics with me and we have done online clinics that have helped me continue to develop my relationship with her. I love doing liberty work which helps me to build that bond and connection with her.
BUH Application: She can be used for bareback, tacking lessons, walk, trot, canter, TLC, pictures, ground exercises, join up…pretty much everything. If you have a question about her ability or a lesson with a certain girl, just ask me.


Murphy’s registered name is Valdimir. He is a 34″ Miniature Horse that is about 20 years old. Miniatures can live to be in their 30s if their health is maintained.

He has made a lot of friends through the various activities in his life. He came to my house when was 7 years old.

  • He has helped with the Dodge National Circuit Rodeo in the Specialty Rodeo activity with children in the community to have severe physical and mental limitations.
  • He has been inside the Veteran’s Home where people who have had horses in their lives could relate to him at their eye level as most of them are in wheelchairs for their visits.
  • He has been invited to attend the annual cancer event for two year the theme was western with “Give Cancer the Boot” and he was the star of the show.
  • He has been part of the Special Kids Rodeo in conjunction with the High School State Rodeo Finals, which are held in Pocatello, for the last 3 years.

In all of these events..because of his chill personality, he has been able to provide a fun opportunity for kids and adults to groom him, love on him, take pictures with him, lead him around, and at times, he’s been ridden by children 5 or younger.

BUH Application: He is a great one to start off a lesson with, especially for those who are intimated by the full-size horses. He can be used for TLC, and join up at the walk and trot. Great for working on one’s confidence through grooming, leading, and spending undemanding time.


He had a long registered name of Tens LS Charistmatic in the Buff, which made him sound sophisticated. He’s known as Smokey around these parts. He is sophisticated and a little too smart for his britches. He began his life in the show world where he strutted his stuff as a colt. He is learning new things all the time and is trained to pull a cart. He still does horse shows but prefers being active and keeping his mind busy and engaged in things that challenge him and makes him think through things. He’s a beautiful buckskin color and looks just like a full-size horse that’s been put through a shrinking machine.

BUH Application: TLC, photo shoots, ground exercises, and join-up.


T-I- double guh-er. The wonderful thing about Tiggers, their tops are made out of rubber and their bottoms are made out of springs. They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun..but the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one. Of one wants a flouncy, pouncy horse like Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger, but he’ll melt your heart. He’s lacking confidence and courage when it comes to scary things and trying new things, but he loves attention and he’s working on being braver.

BUH Application: TLC, photo shoots, join-up, ground exercises, and saddling.



I like to affectionately call him Zippity Do Dah because Splash Mountain is my favorite ride at Disneyland and because he’s far from being “zippy”.

He’s the oldest one of the bunch at 30, turning 31 in August of this year (2022). He’s been here the longest of any. He is a grade gelding and the only one who isn’t registered with the AQHA but it doesn’t matter cuz we love him just the same. I like to use him as I tell girls that just because he’s not recognized in a registry or isn’t the prettiest horse on the people, we can love them equally the same as someone who is in the limelight or rich and famous.

He was one of our starter horses. He came into the family at the age of 12 and joined us second after a POA pony. He came from a family in Lava who used him for kid’s rides when they had their medieval festivals years ago and he has been with us now longer than he was with them so his home is here and he will be here until he passes on to greener pastures.

He’s taken kids through 4-H where he competed in equitation classes and sorting, penning, and roping competitions. And lots of love through EAL in leadline patterns and beauty pageants. He’s a sweet and kind little ol’ man with eyes that will melt your heart.

BUH Application: Because of his age, he will be limited but could still be great in-ground exercises at the walk/trot, TLC, grooming, and riding at the walk and possibly trot depending on how he continues to age.

Update: Zebadee has moved on to greener pastures in heaven. He was a good boy and lived a long, productive, and happy life!